We respond to the protection and insurance requirements of individuals and companies.


We are leaders in the design and placement of insurance through our clients’ network, forming a commercial partnership with them in order to make their sales channel profitable. Amongst other products, we place:
– Motor vehicles.
– Life and Health.
– Personal Accidents.
– Fire and Theft.


Large companies can have a better management and control of their risk by creating a Captive, which is an insurance company, whose main purpose is to insure the risks of their holding company.
Captives allow you to tailor coverage programmes completely to your company’s needs, providing an alternative source of funding for your insurance programmes or for your customers.

International Placement

We belong to one of the largest global brokerage and risk advisory corporations in the world, which allows us to offer insurance programmes to our clients both in Chile and around the world, so that our clients’ risk management programmes and policies are unique across their global operations.

Risk Engineering and Programme Design

As risk advisors, we are permanently concerned with advising our clients to ensure that their risk exposure is as efficient as possible, seeking a balance between technical and economic aspects. To this avail we have specialists by industry and type of risk, who survey and recommend to our clients the appropriate design of their risk management programme.

Parametric Insurance

Climate change is becoming more and more aggressive and is surprising us with the damage it has caused. Parametric insurance, in this case, is a good option to consider, as has been the successful experience in other countries in the region..
Parametric insurance is a type of insurance where insurers pay out pre-agreed sums when certain parameters and/or conditions agreed with clients are met.
The most common are related to weather risks such as: forest fires, wind and frost for agriculture, financial losses such as in ski resorts, retail and summer and/or winter season extensions.
Unlike traditional insurance, it is not necessary for the client’s property to be damaged for the insurance to be activated. Payments are based on exceeding the established parameters and not on actual losses. Independent financial losses with or without property damage are also compensated.
Parametric insurance has a wide range of protection. They are usually used in forestry and agriculture, especially when adverse weather events damage crops, flora and fauna.

Financial Lines

It is increasingly important to cover our clients’ insolvency risks and to provide the right collateral when they need it. That is why we have a recognised team in the handling of these products, who provide advice in the lines of:
  • Surety Bonds: It guarantees the compliance by the policyholder of an obligation contained in a contract, or a legal provision, and undertakes to pay the insured up to a specific sum (insured amount) for the damages caused by said non-compliance.
  • Credit Insurance Policy: It protects companies against the risk of non-payment of accounts receivable in the domestic market (Domestic Credit Insurance) as well as in the international market (Export Credit Insurance) caused by declared insolvency (bankruptcy) or presumed insolvency.


We offer solutions for securing the various leasing contracts with which we secure medium and long-term financing for the acquisition of fixed assets and capital assets.