Pulication date


Gallagher to become INDAP insurance broker

A few weeks ago, Gallagher Chile was confirmed as the winner of the public bidding for the contract to act as broker of Agricultural and Livestock Insurance and Disencumbrance Insurance for the Instituto Nacional de Desarrollo Agropecuario – National Institute for Agricultural Development (INDAP).  This is a 3-year contract through which we will provide insurance solutions to small and medium-sized farmers for issues related to frost, drought, prices, etc.

To deliver this service we are empowering our field and administrative staff to guide INDAP executives in delivering insurance to farmers. It also considers the development of software and an application for INDAP executives.

We would like to congratulate the team of Rodrigo Friedlander, Cristóbal Araya and Pilar Soffia who spent many hours studying the issue, contacting insurance companies and preparing in time for the tender.

INDAP thus becomes one of the most important accounts for our insurance broker. Undoubtedly, the teamwork and professionalism of our experts are a clear sign that in our office we make #GallagherWay our own.