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Gallagher insured anti-Covid 19 vaccine tests

It is not only efforts in the medical field that are required for the world to win the battle against Covid-19. The inspiring example set by medicine and science has also been supported by other areas of society.

The insurance industry has not been left out of this motivating process. Gallagher had the opportunity to be part of the journey that led to this week’s mass vaccination of the population.

The insurance broker participated in the process, led by the Catholic University of Chile, which tested the vaccine against Covid-19 that is now being applied in the country.

Gallagher acted as an insurance broker for the process which aimed to assess the “efficacy, safety and immunogenicity” of the adult vaccination schedule. The aim was to provide cover for any possible harm that might be caused to the 5,000 volunteer participants in the process, to whom the vaccine was administered. Today we see the vaccine being administered to the population.

“We are very happy and proud to have participated in this process that has allowed us to initiate the immunisation of thousands of Chileans,” said Lionel Soffia, CEO of Gallagher Chile.